Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP)

Author: NEHA GANPAT NARAKE Webware |

After the introduction of a federal system of selection of candidates for permanent residency Express Entry from January 1, 2015, some provinces and territories of Canada modified their Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs- candidate of the province) by submitting EOI system – Expression of Interest.

What is the Expression of Interest?

Candidates who meet the requirements of a specific immigration category and who are interested in immigrating to one of these provinces are asked to fill out a special online form – to justify the choice of this particular province (Expression of interest). The applicant’s interest Province assesses the choice usually by charging a certain amount of points, and then be prompted to file an application for a residence permit to candidates who successfully able to integrate in the province. Thus, the provinces have the ability to quickly and effectively treat the candidate’s statements. Candidates who are in the total pool have an opportunity to receive an additional 600 points if they are nominated by a province.

Your Steps

  • Justify the choice of province – Submit an Expression of Interest
  • Get Invitation to the submission of an application for a residence permit
  • Send a request for a residence permit in the selected province
  • Send Province Nomination from selected provinces in the IRCC (Immigration and Refugee Citizenship Canada) which gives the right to obtain permanent resident status in Canada (residence permit).]

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