6. How long does the Canadian Immigration application process take?

Author: Johnson Varughese |

Many factors affect immigration application processing times, including the following:

  • the particular Canadian Immigration Visa Office processing your application;
  • the category of Canadian Immigration under which you apply;
  • whether you can find work in Canada;
  • the way in which your application and supporting documents have been prepared;
  • whether or not you are required to attend a personal interview; and,
  • events beyond your control.

It is difficult to find a reliable source to provide you with an accurate indication of just how long it will take for you to receive your Canada Immigration Visa. Published times are not always up to date. Information you may find on newsgroups and forums is even less trustworthy as there is no accountability for the messages posted on them. Be suspect of anyone who tells you that there is a way to get your Canada Immigration Visa quicker for a fee; it is not true.

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