9. What services can Life Ashore Immigration Consultancy provide to help find work in Canada?

Author: Johnson Varughese |

Life Ashore Immigration Consultancy can provide the following services in relation to finding work in Canada and obtaining a job offer from a Canadian employer:

  • Everyone who is considering immigration to Canada is encouraged to use the Canada Visa Job Search Tool, which features full listings and contact information of employers that are currently hiring. The Canada Job Search Tool is updated in real-time and can be accessed as often as needed.
  • Use the Canada visa Resume Builder Tool to create a custom Canadian resume. Users can store their Canadian Resume in the Canada visa Resume Bank. Canadian employers browse resumes in the Canada visa Resume Bank to search for potential employees.
  • Upon request, Life Ashore will communicate with potential Canadian employers to explain the simplicity of the "job offer process" from a Canadian immigration perspective. We will provide step by step guidance to each potential employer.
  • We invite users to visit Canada visa's Work in Canada Zone, where it is possible to find valuable

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