8. Is it difficult to find a good job in Canada?

Author: Johnson Varughese |

No. Once in Canada, there are many available rewarding employment opportunities. Each day in Canada more than 50,000 job postings go unfilled. Getting a job offer from outside Canada is more of a challenge but certainly can be accomplished with a little bit of perseverance, especially with the tools and guidance that Life Ashore office offers. Many Canadian employers have a keen demand for skilled workers and professionals. There is no reason why an applicant from outside of Canada can't be a part of their solution.

The Canada Job Bank is an online search engine for open job positions across Canada that helps match candidates with Canadian employers and jobs based on their skills, knowledge, and experience. Under Express Entry, candidates are required to register with the Job Bank if they do not already have a Canadian job offer or a Provincial/Territorial nomination. Should the Express Entry candidate choose to apply to a job opportunity, the recipient employer will then be required to go through their usual interview or assessment process. If the employer finds that the Express Entry candidate meets their needs, and they are eligible to hire a foreign national, they can offer them a job.

Furthermore, candidates in the Express Entry pool have the opportunity to increase their chances of being invited to apply by promoting themselves directly to employers through the Canada Visa Job Search tool.

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