40.What happens to candidates who have a birthday after they receive an invitation to apply but before they submit their application for permanent residence?

Author: Johnson Varughese |

An applicant may have a birthday after he or she receives an invitation to apply (ITA) but before he or she submits an application for permanent residence. A change in age may lower his or her CRS score below the lowest score in the draw. It may also result in the applicant no longer meeting the minimum requirements. When a change in age results in the candidate no longer meeting the minimum entry criteria or lowering his or her CRS points score below the lowest points score in the draw, IRCC officers are asked to apply the public policy to exempt applicants for permanent residence from certain age-based requirements between ITA and application. This public policy also grants an exemption to applicants who may be refused on FSW program requirements for having a birthday between receiving an ITA and submitting an application. In short, a candidate's age may be considered locked in once an invitation to apply has been issued.

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