You do not have to pay for the consultant’s mistake

Author: NEHA GANPAT NARAKE Webware |

The word “registered Canadian Immigration Consultant” carries a lot of weight. It represents good quality of work and responsibility to you as a client. Nevertheless, no one in the world can be free of mistakes. The good news is that you as consumers do not have to pay for the mistake made by a Registered Consultant. Most of the RCIC will give you a refund for the mistakes he or she made as written in the retainer agreement. It is also compulsory for a RCIC to carry professional liability insurance for your protection. Also, just a precautionary note to you that if you hire an unlicensed consultant, you will not get the protection when things go wrong.

The value of a Registered Canadian Immigration consultant is not reflected by just filling forms. It is his or her immigration law knowledge and the application of the knowledge. Do not risk your application by just filling in the forms. Once an application is refused, a permanent record is created. Seek professional help from an ICCRC certified consultant. Get help via a professional consultation today.

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