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Rejection can be one of the most distressing events in peoples’ lives. The emotions of rejection is intense. Don’t Worry, Keep Trying, You Can Do It - none of these words help at that point of time. It simply hurts when you don’t fit in! 

Rejection can happen in various instances - Rejection in Love, Rejection in Society, Rejection in College, and Rejection at Work. The list can go on…. 

Study Abroad is a dream for many. But somewhere down the pathway, they may experience a rejection of their Study Permit Applications and get stuck. Some keep trying while others shelve their dreams. 

Perhaps it’s good to understand why rejections happen and how we can overcome or bypass this.

Canada Visa Rejection Reasons (Student Visa)

If your Statement of Purpose (SOP) submitted for visa approval is not justifying, a Student Visa Rejection is highly likely. It is essential that you take the right guidance to prepare the SOP and execute the process systematically. Some of the common reasons your SOP is not strong to support the approval of your Study Permit / Student Visa are the following:

 Selecting Study Program:

If the study program you select does not align with your previous educational background or work experience it is possible the student visa may be rejected unless you are able to explain why you are changing your field of study and the Visa Officers are convinced.

Inadequate documents:

It is essential that you are serious and prepared when going to apply for the Study Permit and recommend you take the guidance from a professional. Make sure you have a check list of documents and carry all the important documents sequence-wise and clearly so the officer can go through them easily when at the time of the review. While it may be your first study permit submission, it is only one among the many files for the Visa Officer. Being careless, disorganized, or disoriented can cause a visa rejection.

Return to home country:

The study permit is a temporary visa, and it has an expiry date. While approving your study permit the visa officer must be convinced that you will come back to your home country after completing your studies. If the visa officer is not satisfied then your Student Visa can be rejected. This does not mean that students cannot extend their visas. However, at the time of the review, you need to convince the visa officer that you are not going to settle there permanently.

There are various other reasons that a student visa is rejected. Some of them such as - increase in application number, is beyond the control of the student. But most of the factors that causes rejection can be controlled by taking professional guidance.

Rejections may happen but you can always reapply for a Student Visa.

Candidates can reapply for a Canadian Student Visa after getting a rejection earlier. Just make sure you know why your application was rejected and take the right guidance to avoid another visa rejection.

You don’t have to shelve your dreams for Fear of Rejection or because it happened. You just need to:

Stay Focused

Be Intentional

Take Action

Get Back

Ask Why

Connect with Experts

Get Right Guidance

Take Constructive Feedback 

Ignore the Ignorant 

Keep the Main Thing the Main Thing

In a nutshell, avoiding the chance of a rejection is controllable to a large extent. The document named SOP (Statement of Purpose) is not just a document. It plays a key role in determining your visa out come. 

Convincing your desires and intentions may sound pretty simple. But the way you mould it requires true skills. The portrait you create should be of good quality without compromising the quantity guidelines and should remain simple and crystal. 

Hence preparing the SOP has got many key elements to be considered. An expert advise from study visa consultants can be a good decision in reducing the chances of a rejection to its minimal. Always be conscious about this point and be open to discuss the dilemmas to a professional.

In life we all come across certain situations where we take expert advises. It can be anything from schooling to building your dream house. At this context we are keen to go for expert advises and they are worth it. Planning to study abroad is also such an important leap towards your personal and professional life. It is going to be something which really adds some essence to your career. It has got the flavour of all your hardships, efforts and dreams. So do you ever think such a great decision can be taken without expertise?

When choosing study abroad, make use of your opportunities and ensure that you are well equipped with the best student visa consultants who can guide you through the entire process. This means the expert guidance should not end when you receive your study permit. It should not end with post landing services. In fact professionalism should be equipped enough to guide you throughout your days in Canada until you reach your dream of becoming a Canadian PR and supporting the immigration dreams of your family.

Living in dream is easy and comforting

Leaving dream is hard and painful

Living the dream needs effort and focus

So dear ones.

Choose Consciously

Choose Right

Choose Life Ashore


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