15. What documents must the sponsored person(s) submit?

Author: Johnson Varughese |

The sponsored person(s) must submit an Application for Permanent Residence in Canada and an Additional Family Information Form, as well as a Use of Representative Form, if applicable. The sponsored person's spouse, common-law partner or conjugal partner and each dependent child aged 18 or over (whether accompanying the sponsored person or not) will each be required to complete and submit a Schedule 1 form. If the sponsored Person is a spouse or common-law partner, he/she will need to complete a sponsored Spouse/Partner Questionnaire. Applicants destined to the Province of Quebec will be required to complete an Application for a Quebec Certificate of Selection form. All sponsored persons must submit proof of having completed a medical examination with a Citizenship and Immigration Canada designated medical practitioner.
The following additional documents are required:

  • Statutory documents, such as:
    • Police Clearance Certificates
    • Birth certificates
    • Household register forms
    • Valid passport and ID cards, etc. and
  • Documents proving the relationship to the sponsor, such as:
    • Marriage certificates
    • Birth certificates
    • Household register forms

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