14. What documents must the sponsor submit?

Author: Johnson Varughese |

The sponsor and the sponsor's co-signer, if applicable, must complete and submit:

  • An "Application to sponsor and Undertaking"
  • A "Sponsorship Agreement"
  • A "Sponsorship Evaluation"
  • A "Spouse/Common-law Partner Questionnaire"
  • Government processing fees, and
  • If applicable, a "Use of Representative" form

The following additional documents are required:

  • The "Statutory Declaration of Common-Law Union" form (only required where the sponsor's co-signer is a common-law partner);
  • Documents supporting the sponsor's Sponsorship Evaluation, which may include:
    • Tax returns
    • Notice of Assessment from Revenue Canada
    • Pay stubs or letters from employers indicating salary and length of time employed
    • Proof of other income such as rental and pension income, and
    • Proof of financial obligations such as mortgages, property/school taxes, personal loans/lines of credit, alimony payments and insurance payments.
  • Documents demonstrating the Canadian status of the sponsor, which may include a:
    • Permanent Resident Card; or
    • Record of Landing; or
    • Canadian Birth Certificate; or
    • Citizenship Card; or
    • Certificate of Registration of Birth Abroad together with Certificate of Retention of Canadian Citizenship; and
  • Documents demonstrating relationship to the sponsored person(s), which may include:
    • Marriage certificates
    • Adoption orders
    • Passports indicating identity of parents/children
  • If applicable, documents proving that all previous marriages or common-law partnerships have been severed prior to entering the relationship with the spouse or common-law partner to be sponsored
  • Documents showing that the sponsor who currently resides outside Canada intends to return to Canada by the time the sponsored person(s) land(s) in Canada.

If the sponsor resides in the Province of Quebec, corresponding forms provided by the Quebec Government will be required in addition to the Federal forms.

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